Working with Anna was so easy and natural in our first session. She has a warmth about her that doesn’t overpower how down to earth and open she is. She’s the type of person you can confide in or grab a cocktail with. She’s the perfect balance of therapist and friend. Which makes it easy to go deep into the hypnotherapy with her. I never felt like I was holding back. My sessions brought my attention to something very unexpected, something I was not paying close enough attention to that was holding me back. I have tried many types of traditional therapy and never have I felt this kind of self nurture. Our sessions allowed me to practice self acceptance in a very very personal way. Through her teachings of self-talk you get to ask yourself the tough unavoidable questions and give yourself the feedback that only you can give.  Paige L, New York, NY

Before working with Anna I was stuck in story about what I could and couldn't do and why. In just one hour Anna was able to help me to shift from feeling helpless to feeling empowered. A big part of this was her ability to really LISTEN to where my pain was and where my strength was too. I felt so seen by her! In less than 24 hours from our call, I completely surprised myself and did something I had been wanting to do but felt too stuck and defeated to even try. Anna is brilliant. She is no-nonsense, compassionate, wise and fun. If you are a looking for a loving, fun and lasting way to get out of your own way, I would absolutely recommend hypnotherapy with Anna. `- Morgan C, Portland, OR.

I love working with Anna! I always feel in such safe, capable hands when working together. I always feel very heard by her and she makes sure we have a clear goal in mind before we begin to relax. She has a great sense of intuition of what I might be needing most to make our sessions even more impactful, and I had such a huge breakthrough after the second session! Our following sessions continued to strengthen my renewed outlook towards my relationship with music. I highly recommend Anna as a compassionate and knowledgeable hypnotherapist! -Amber, N Los Angeles, CA

I got in touch with Anna after reading about her Hyno-therapy post on facebook. I was going through a difficult and stressful time and decided to try the therapy out with Anna. Anna put me at ease, first by assuring that this is not 'hypnosis with pendulum' and explaining how everything would work. After our first session, I heard myself answering and addressing some of my problems which were bothering me sub-consciously and with the guided session, Anna really helped me dig out some skeletons which were hidden. The change was positive and strong enough for me to practice the self-hypnosis daily. The whole experience has been a good positive impact in how I deal with stress and difficult days. Thanks Anna! -Adip M, Mumbai, India

I love working with Anna because she is always so in tune with what is coming up for me. Sometimes I can have difficulty expressing the core issues that are causing problems in my life, but Anna always gets it. She has an uncanny ability to help me figure out why I’m being triggered, and puts together a beautifully customized session to create healing for those issues. I trust her deep intuition and her heartfelt intentions to create lasting change. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to be heard, understood, and experience healing on a deep level. - Danielle M, Denver, CO

One session of hypnotherapy therapy gave me so much clarity and self awareness and, well, needless to say I then became hooked. With Anna’s help I’ve been able to realize key aspects of how my mind, body and soul works and I’m currently working on issues I never realized I had. As they say the first step in any transformation is first recognizing your issues and thanks to Anna I’m now able to do that. Working with her has been such a delight. She always makes you feel very comfortable and creates a safe environment for you to blurt out whatever it is you feel without any fear of being judged. I’m very thankful to have found hypnotherapy and know it is a tool I will continue to use in my future. - Carolyn T, New York, NY

Anna is a true healer! Her hypnosis sessions have helped me deepen my connection with myself, discover thought patterns, and change beliefs that were hidden in my subconscious. Her gentle voice lead me into my first session, where I felt safe, connected, and completely in flow. I’d never been hypnotized before, so I was nervous as to whether I would “get there” or not - but she had me into a hypnotized state and working on making big shifts within minutes. Her sessions are a powerful testament to the notion that my subconscious is influencing my everyday life more than I could ever realize. I couldn’t recommend a session with this force of nature more!  - Robert R, New York, NY

I recently added hypnosis with Anna to my meditation practice.  It seemed like a logical step.  Meditation helps me achieve inner peace and relaxation.  Hypnosis helps me prepare internally to make external changes in how I approach life.  I have had three wonderful sessions with Anna so far and look forward to a long term relationship.  Anna is very dedicated to helping her clients.  She brings compassion, empathy and a professionalism to her hypnosis practice.  I highly recommend her. - Anne C, New Jersey

 I have gained so much from working with Anna!  She has helped me to identify and synthesize exactly what has been holding me back.  She also helped guide me, with love and compassion, through experiences that were the most vulnerable and challenging for me.  I definitely felt supported and safe through all of our work. More importantly, we didn't just release negative patterns, we replaced them with much more positive ones which has already benefited me in my life, allowing me to show up more authentically and more courageously every day.  Anna is funny, direct, supportive, sympathetic, wise, and I highly recommend working with her if you have the chance to do so! - Abby New York, NY

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